Organisation of HIV positive African men is an equal opportunity employer. The aims of its policy is to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of sex, race, colour, nationality, class, ethnic or national origins, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, age, trade union activity, political, religious belief or HIV status.

Selection criteria and procedures will be reviewed frequently to ensure that individuals are selected, promoted and treated on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities and suitability for the relevant posts.

All employees will be given equal opportunities and, where appropriate and possible, special training to progress within (and outside) the organisation.


Organisation of HIV positive African men's Equal Opportunity Policy Statement will be incorporated in the organisations Statement and Conditions of service, and since, and any deliberate act of direct or indirect discrimination is unlawful and thereby implication a disciplinary offence, the following wording will be included in the statement and conditions of service.


"Disciplinary action will be taken against any member of staff who, by any deliberate act of direct or indirect, fails to comply with or carry out organisation of HIV positive men's Equal Opportunity Policy".

2.1 Direct discrimination

Direct discrimination takes place when a person is treated less favourably than others (in the same circumstances) on the ground of race, colour, national or ethnic origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, class, age or religious belief.

2.2 Indirect discrimination

Indirect discrimination means applying a condition, or requirement, which adversely affects one particular group, significantly more than another, and cannot be strictly justified in terms of the requirements for performing the job.

2.3 Racial discrimination

Discrimination on the grounds of colour, race, nationality (including citizenship), ethnic or national origins. The policy is directed towards the effects of racial discrimination in employment, and the combating of the disproportionately high unemployment this produces.

For reference see Race Relations Act 1976


2.4 Sex Discrimination

Discrimination on the grounds of a person’s sex or marital status. Organisation of HIV positive men is opposed to concentrating experience and positions along traditional gender lines. For reference see sex discrimination Act 1975.

2.5 Discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation

A person should not be discriminated against on the grounds of their sexual orientation. Organisation of HIV positive men will not discriminate against Lesbians and gay men in employment.

2.6 Discrimination on the grounds of disability

This policy covers all people with disabilities who on account of injury, illness or congenital deformity may experience difficulties in obtaining or keeping employment, or in undertaking work on his/her own account, of a kind which, apart from that injury, illness or deformity would be suited to their age, experience and qualifications.


A disabled applicant shall not be disbarred from employment on the grounds of disability or inadequate equipment where, with reasonable efforts and expenditure, the problems could be resolved.


Newly disabled employees will be retrained unless after reasonable rehabilitation or (re) training based upon consultation with the line manager, this proves impracticable.

For further details see disabled persons Act 1944 and 1958.


2.7 Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is defined as subjection to repeated unreciprocated and unwelcome comments, looks, actions or physical contact which is found objectionable and offensive and which might threaten an employee’s job security or create an intimidating working environment. Organisation of HIV positive African men is opposed to sexual harassment of any form. Sexual harassment is a valid ground for grievance and individuals guilty of sexual harassment will be liable to disciplinary action under the grievance and disciplinary procedure.


3.1.a Responsibilities

3.1.1   Overall responsibility for ensuring an Equal opportunities policy is fully effective within organisation of HIV positive African men, is allocated to management committee in conjunction with the directors.


3.1.2    Whilst primary responsibility for equal opportunities rests with the employer, individual employees at all levels have responsibilities for the pursuance of this policy.,


3.1.b Monitoring

In accordance with the recommendations of the commission for Racial Equality, the administrator will:-

(1)  Record media response rates and the ethnic origins of applicants as determined by the applicant, and short listed candidates in respect of all staff vacancies
(2)  Maintain quarterly statistics on composition of Organisation of HIV positive men's workforce, by grade, project, gender, ethnic origin and special needs.
(3)  Keep records by grade, project, gender and ethnic origin of training offered and undertaken by staff. (Look at special training and development, conditions of services, attitudes and distribution groups amongst the different occupations within each grade).
(4)  A formal review of Organisation of HIV positive African men's policy will be undertaken annually to take account of changing needs.


4.1.a - As a general principle, recruitment and selection shall not be undertaken in such a way as to bias against any individual on the grounds listed in the statement of policy.

4.1.b - All job descriptions shall include the clause “All responsibilities must be carried out with due regard to Organisation of HIV positive African men’s Equal opportunities policy”. The Equal opportunities policy should be sent to all short listed candidates.

4.1.c - Organisation of HIV positive African men’s job application form will not require applicants to state nationality or ethnic origin. All applicants will, however, be invited to assist organisation of HIV positive African men in monitoring its recruitment policy by completing a seprate form. The information to be requested for monitoring purposes will not be seen by the selection-interviewing panel.

4.1.d - In advertisements, Organisation of HIV positive men will include a statement that “organisation of HIV positive African men is aiming to be an equal opportunities employer”.

4.1.e - Ethnic minority group newspapers will always be considered and appropriate choices made.

4.1.f - As a general principle, Organisation of HIV positive African men will advertise all vacant posts internally and externally, but reserves the right to make appointments without advertising the post externally.


5.a - Reasons for rejecting candidates must be recorded. Simple categories of reasons for rejection are adequate at this stage.
5.b - Any internal candidate will be given an opportunity for informal discussion about the job and will be interviewed for the post applied for, if considered suitable by the line manager.


6.a - The selection panel/interviewer will be a ware of the Organisation of HIV positive African men's Equal opportunities policy and the inadmissibility of discriminatory questions.
6.b - Reasons for rejecting or selecting each candidate must be recorded.


It will be Organisation of HIV positive African men's aims to:

7.a - Ensure that all employees have the opportunity to develop an awareness of the issues of equal opportunities and racism, and an active understanding of the policies of Organisation of HIV positive African men in relation to those issues.
7.b - With regard to the resources available ensure that staff employed by the Organisation of HIV positive African men, whose career progression has been hampered by lack of skills and professional qualifications, receive the opportunity to take part in appropriate training.


8.a - It is Organisation of HIV positive African men's policy that all members of staff are employed regardless of sex, race, colour, class, HIV status, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnic or national origins except for post involving direct client counselling where positive discrimination will be given to people with HIV/ARC/AIDS.
8.b - Access for people with disabilities
Organisation of HIV positive African men will endeavour to ensure that all new premises will be accessible by wheelchair and will examine all existing premises to see whether they can be adapted to aliow wheelchair access.
8.c - Childcare and Pregnancy
Maternity and paternity arrangements have been agreed, details of which are in the statement and condition of service. Organisation of HIV positive African men also recognises that employment practices should take account of the demand for childcare and other dependants.
8.d - Retirement Age
Organisation of HIV positive African men believes ideally that men and women should be treated equally in terms of retirement age and benefits. The retirement age for men and women is 60 and the management committee has the authority to extend the age limit at their discretion.
Staff who reach the age of retirement and who have been employed by organisation of HIV positive African men for at least 3 years are offered a pre-retirement course paid for by the organisation of HIV positive African men.


If any employee considers that he or she is suffering from unequal treatment on the grounds of age, sex marital status, creed, colour or ethnic origin, sexual orientation or disability, he or she may make a complaint, which will be dealt with through the agreed grievance procedure.


No aspect of Organisation of HIV positive African men's policy detracts in any way from an individual's right to refer a grievance to an industrial Tribunal or any other body which deals with the enforcement of the sex discrimination Act 1975 and the Race Relations Act 1976.

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